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No world is complete without citizens who want to want to live, breathe and add life to it. We don't like to keep it all to ourselves, but allow our community of players to better enhance and develop the worlds they play in.

Love the games and want to contribute - please follow and contact us through the social media links below.


We don't believe games are meant to simply be played, we believe they're meant to be lived. At Risci Games, experience new worlds and addictive game-play which will keep you and your friends engaged until new legends are written.


Varied Gameplay

Each Risci game is built on a unique gameplay concept, with none being alike to each other. We design our games so that they can be played the way you want to play them. While every game has its rules, we like to ensure that each one of our games has many different ways of playing, that can cater to the style of play you and your friends enjoy.


Games for any Occasion

Whether you are looking for a simple, casual gaming experience or one requiring a little bit more depth and strategy, we have games that will be able to suit your needs for any occasion.


Low Cost

All games should be fun, but they shouldn't need to be expensive. All Risci games are available to play for absolutely nothing - that's right, you get to play them by yourself or with friends at simply the cost of the printing involved.  While we can't offer the high-scale print finishes of a more expensive product, we can promise an equally great gaming experience.  Simply download our games, print the components you need and enjoy. We consider it open source gaming.


Lasting Value

Each time you play a Risci game, it is different. We want to design our games to reward you for your investment and keep you wanting to play it again and again. A big element of each one of our games is that each time a game is played, it should offer something different to the users. They need to be fun to play, exciting to get into, but difficult to master. Some games may require a lot of tactical edges, others will balance your skills with elements of luck.


Diverse and Rich Settings

Every Risci game takes place in a unique setting with a diverse background story for you to become a part of. While the stories may not always be a vital part of the game to play - the journey is certainly a richer one when you uncover and discover the world that you are playing in.



A Living Experience

Normally, when you buy a game, its a done deal. If you don't like something, you can't change it. With Risci Games community approach, we want to let you into the development and improvement process. This digital approach allows us to constantly take in feedback and roll-out improvements directly to you. Furthermore, as we expand our universe and stories, we open that up to you and give you more opportunity to enjoy the worlds we want to share with you. The best part, with our games being free, you don't need to pay for any new updates. Just download and print the parts you want and you're good to go.

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