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Of Gods and Men - Cover.jpg

Recommended Number of players: (2-6)

We all dream of conquering the world, but true leadership builds influence which will inspire others to lead them in their conquests. And we all know what influences the will of man more than anything else, is the power of religion.

In Of Gods and Men you take on a group of new explorers who try to convert their new world to their own religious order. However, influence cannot be maintained through this religion as well, so it's important to develop wealth, research better technologies and have an army which inspires your followers.


Of Gods and Men is a tactical conquest game for 2-6 players, where you take on the pursuit of influence to gain control of this new world. Of Gods and Men allows for multiple different strategies and approaches in how you play and a world that is completely random each time you play.


You can find all the game components available for download on our Downloads page. If you have any feedback or graphical enhancements you would like added to the game, you are welcome to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. We love hearing thoughts and new ideas from all our players.

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