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Welcome to a world where legends are made

At Risci Games we're passionate about creating worlds which can be lived in and an entertainment experience that is in-depth, captivating and most of all will keep you coming back time again to replay with your friends. We believe that our games offer up that rare combination of entertainment which allows its players to imagine detail worlds as they think through their game and recreating their own unique adventures, while having an incredible social interaction with the players around them. Few forms of entertainment can offer up this depth of story telling and allowing players to make the world their own...


We also believe that playing board games shouldn't need to be expensive and should be open for everyone to play. That's why we open up our games to the community to play, re-play, live and make better. We offer all of our games available online for free download - all you need to do is print the components you want and play ahead. The game is yours to keep, share and have fun with. If you have any ideas that would contribute to improving the game - we would welcome the suggestion and even give you the credit for it as well.


We make every effort to design games that engage and dream, but we know it is the community which allows the legends to live. We make no money off of this initiative and do it because we love games and have fun making them and want others to experience the same joy that it brings us.


One of the facets of our design process is collaboration and while we might come up with many of the initial game designs, we don't expect it to stop there and know that as people plan and find ways to improve our games or play them differently that we can gather that feedback and incrementally include it into our game designs.



Risci Games is a collection of board and card games designed around stories and heroes that have been brought to life and get to be reenacted by its players. We make the games that we want to play and tell the stories that we ourselves want to be a part of and we hope you get to find your legend which you would like to be a part of. Whether you wish to be conquering lands, commanding armies or simply having fun in seeing who can make the most money, our games each offer a distinct style of play and products which cater for all types of gamers. There is one consistent thread between all of our titles however - that the more you get involved, the more you will get out of it.

Stop hesitating and jump into a new adventure now...

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