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Recommended Number of players: (2-6)

This night history will be re-written…


This night the people will rise up and take control…


For years, King Belatorin of the Beravond Kingdom allowed the once prosperous town of Phalador to degenerate from a place of great wealth to a denizen of crime and abuse. With farms and business now suffering at the hands of his corrupted guards, most citizens have taken to crime to earn an income and provide for their families. Guilds have risen up as a means for thieves to protect and look out for each other and ensure that their livelihood will not be compromised. They are a den for thieves, but also a place for hope and equality, where people can feel free once again… This has not made the people’s pain any easier and they remain oppressed at the hands of the guard.


This night, however, is a new beginning. The people have gathered together in their guilds with a plot of overthrowing the town and Belatorin once and for all. Knowing the guards and nobles are only loyal to the emperor because he gives them wealth, the guilds have a plan to gather the wealth for themselves and seize the loyalty of the guards and nobles away from the emperor.


This night – is your night to make a stand and help return the balance of power back into the hands of the people…


In Night of Thieves, you play a thief on the town of Phalador and play your part in bringing back social justice to the Kingdom by robbing from the rich to return to the poor. Try and gather as much wealth as you can, while staying clear of the vicious guards and completing several quests along the way. Night of thieves is bound to leave you with hours of fun as you battle it out against the other players to see who can grab the most loot.


You can find all the game components available for download on our Downloads page. If you have any feedback or graphical enhancements you would like added to the game, you are welcome to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. We love hearing thoughts and new ideas from all our players.

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