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Recommended Number of players: (2-4)

In a world where the living can afford no more bloodshed, it’s now up to the dead to fight their battles for them...


Welcome to the world of the Gatekeepers, the guardians of the dead and the last hope in the war that is waging among the living in the land of Naarelot. The only person left to secure the realm of Hades from overrunning the world; is you... Command an army of undead against other players in ensuring your side will be victorious. 

Victory can only be achieved through tactical planning and strategic acumen; it’s not a battle of the dice or luck, but of wits and magic. The strategic depth offered in the game ensures that it is easy to learn, yet difficult to master, but also that every game is unique, different and fun.


To start unravelling your journey through the gates you can find all the game components available for download on our Downloads page. If you have any feedback or graphical enhancements you would like added to the game, you are welcome to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. We love hearing thoughts and new ideas from all our players.

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