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Recommended Number of players: (2-8)

The year is 2153 – it’s been 30 years since a massive chemical war has ravaged and plagued the earth. The human population is all but wiped out – with a few straggling communities left, known as the Infected… Very little is known about the Infected and how they were able to build up a resistance to the plague, but what is known is that they are not the only ones. Numerous animals have also undergone genetic mutations to adapt to their new more violent and stark world.


You are one of the survivors – a group of humans that are awakened in a bunker and left spared from the curse that beset the rest of the world. You cannot remember how you arrived in the bunker or why – but you can remember the world and you can remember your past… All those memories of a world filled with happiness and loved ones – that existed before this time…


As a group of survivors, you need to brave the harsh elements, landscape and creatures of this new world and unlock the secrets to what happened and how you have survived. Can the Infected be trusted? Is there hope left for humanity?


The journey awaits…


Burnt Earth is a role-playing game that sets you on a journey through a new post-apocalyptic world. Working as a team you can undertake a variety of missions and quests to discover this new world that you live in. Choose from a variety of different playing characters that each adds his or her own unique element to the game and you are guaranteed countless hours of entertainment.



You can still find all the demo components available for download on our Downloads page. If you have any feedback or graphical enhancements you would like added to the game, you are welcome to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. We love hearing thoughts and new ideas from all our players..


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